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HOSHIGE (reference to Hiroshige, BOOK on japanese print) PASSIONATE ARTIST, thank you to international fans

From, France, Metropolitan


PRESENTATION OF MY WORK INSPIRED BY ASIAN ART (LANDSCAPES IN FRENCH PAYSAGES) FOR ART LOVERS : Hoshige is a reference to Utagawa Hiroshige and to the aesthetic beauty of japanese art. My biggest influences are Hiroshige and Hokusai who are old japanese masters specialized in ukiyo-e (great masters of japanese print in french les grands maîtres de l'estampe japonaise). I work for myself (freelance artist in french artiste indépendant). I don't collaborate (in french je ne collabore pas). I work with easton art galleries in Florida for exhibitions (except for virtual exhibitions with gowithYamo the art exhibition platform). I started practicing art in studios at 7 years old. Being from a rich family (with roots from the south), I was lucky enough to be able to make my passion for art my work (I am against jealousy in general). I am interested in culture and museums. I am against racism and I like to travel and discover other countries (for example southern countries). I have studied a wide range of artistic techniques and art history for five years in a private school. I was specialized in graphical arts. I am an international artist specialized in contemporary art inspired by japanese art (japanese prints) and chinese art. I find the theme of landscapes very interesting and I think that natural beauty is everywhere in the environment. For example, I like beautiful landscapes of the impressionist movement and those of 19th century romanticism. It corresponds to my aesthetic preferences in art. I am interested in decorative arts. I am inspired by classical themes in art history such as sunsets (in western art), seascapes and japanese landscapes (in asian art). I just think of positive themes in my artistic work which is a passion. In my paintings, I like to do several versions of the same composition or theme. The way of application on canvas and materials are at the center of my plastic research. I work acrylic with a brush on a table and an easel for painting. Blue is my favorite color and I like to use different variations in my paintings for the light. Contemporary, modern and asian art have influenced my work. I am inspired by classical music that I listen to when I work. I think that 3D virtual exhibition (kunstmatrix) is an interesting way to show artworks online and that art is for everyone. I am interested in the work of other international artists. Social networks are a way to show artworks to others (artist mediated on the Internet) and stay connected. I am for freedom of expression (in french liberté d'expression) in culture in general (visual arts, book sector, cinema and audiovisual...) . COPYRIGHT : Exclusive right that holds the author or his representative to exploit his work/ Droit exclusif que détient l'auteur ou son représentant d'exploiter son œuvre (copying an artist's work is illegal/ copier l'œuvre d'un artiste est illégal) EXHIBITIONS: gowithYamo in England, kunstmatrix in Germany and easton art galleries in the United States BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES : BOOKS Beaux-arts : Chinese painter : "Zao Wou-Ki", Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris - Paris Musées, 2018 / Japanese prints : "L'estampe japonaise", Delay, 2018 / Prints : "Prints and printmaking an introduction to the history and techniques", Griffiths, The British Museum, London, 2016 / La lumière dans la peinture (utilisation par le peintre des couleurs telles que le jaune ou l'orange) : "Quand la lumière devient couleur", Roque, Collection art et artistes, 2018 / Magazines : Beaux arts magazine / WEBSITES Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris : Fuji arts catalog : L'estampe de paysage, Bibliothèque Nationale de France : PRIVATE LIFE (UNAVAILABLE) / VIE PRIVEE (INDISPONIBLE) : with only positive experiences / avec uniquement des expériences positives,

Artworks from HOSHIGE (reference to Hiroshige, BOOK on japanese print) PASSIONATE ARTIST, thank you to international fans

Landscape with sunset

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