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Laurie Aaron

From, United States


The Artist was born in Rockaway NY and spent most her childhood in Cedarhurst NY on Long Island. She studied acting at Emerson up in Boston, before moving back to Manhattan, when she began to first think about painting and sculpting as outlets for her artistic passion, as she went to work in the Fashion Industry. Laurie became the quintessential fashion devotee, as her discerning style was soon sought after by those who demand well cared for lifestyles. Her acumen in color, form, and textile, bridged all mediums, and started her reputation as a fashionista with an undeniable commitment to all things beautiful…Still evident in each of her Art Collections today.

Artworks from Laurie Aaron


$7000 Ex Tax: $199.99


Mixed Media

24*36*2 inch

By Laurie Aaron

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