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Facts About Art Prices, Appraisals and How to Value Art

** If you're an artist, an appraiser or similar professional familiar with your type of art can help you make sure your prices are in line with your market. Sensible selling prices make it easier to make sales. Appraisers can also show you how to explain your prices to anyone who asks. It's always easier to sell art to people who understand what kind of value they're getting for their money.

Please provide us with the following information about the artist,the work of art and its history.

It will allow to provide the most accurate and complete analysis for you.

For any reason we are unable to give you our considered opinion we reserve the right to refuse your application, and a full refund will be submitted within 5-10 business days.

    Ideal for artists who would like to know how to best price their work. Ideal for the work of other artists for whom there are not any or few online records of sales.The basic are evaluation will provide the following:

    1. For artists who are evaluating the prices of their own work: Recommended pricing strategies,recommended marketing vehicles and sales strategies

    2. A comparison of the prices of similar work from other artists Also ideal for: For a collector who is evaluating the work of an artist without published sales and gallery records, a suggested value of the artwork. This will be based upon many factors, including but not limited to the price of similar works by emerging artists, the price of decorative art sold by online sources, general price information existing in the current art market.

      Ideal for art by artists with an established record or sales, either online, at retail galleries or for which there are public auction records or other records of sales.The deluxe evaluation will provide the following:

      1. An approximate valuation of the work, based upon the following;

      A. Public auction records

      B. Current gallery prices,both asking prices and selling prices

      C. Historical market and growth factors as may be relevant, to be determined by Easton Galleries.

      2. A report showing any past sales of the artist's work or that of similar artists, culled from sales, research and auction databases

      3. A report showing current pieces of work available for sale either at galleries, online auctions or websites, if applicable.

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