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Dear Artists

   Are you struggling with marketing and being an artist at the same time?
EAG put together a complete package per year with marketing materials, video commercials for you and your art BUSINESS. The future trends of an art gallery and it’s modern approach to sales is self promoting your work.

  • Website that will run traffic so you don’t have to.
  • Quality shows you can put on your artist curriculum like Fundraiser and museum shows.
  • Unique events meet and greets with access to high net industry
  • Placement in high profile physical sites that give exposure to your work
  • Marketing on your social media platforms
  • 30 day moneyback guaranteed if you think it’s to hard just let me know
  • Free Member $0
  • Website Member $300/year
  • Premium Member $45/month
  • Premium Member Discount $500/year
  • Website Plus Premium $800/year
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