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Kevin Killough

From, United States


The Creative Life Many roads lead to living a creative life, and using your creativity to enhance your like and the people around you. Today more and more creativity is bursting from every corner of our world. Much of it reaching us through one internet platform or another. In my case the exploration of creativity has been a life long passion. Spanning more than 50 years and multiple disciplines. Photography, while working as a safari guide, Photography and Printmaking in art school. Once released into the “real world” commercial photography and graphic design, which lead to a focus package design, which in turn lead to product design. Which then lead to a 20+ year career in product development, furniture design, manufacturing and digital content creation and direction. I find myself turning back toward image creation, photography, and photo editing. My images reflect the places I travel, my passions; like sailing, coffee, architecture. I strive for simple compositions and then translate those into a “pop art” form. Using tonal separation, color enhancement and building layers upon layers for a very “painterly” final look. An angled compositions can turn a simple façade into a much more interesting composition. Drawing the eye with unexpected angles and leading the viewer through the piece. Diptych and Triptych compositions can work well with this technique as color can be created or changed to add visual interest. No doubt these techniques will allow for constant experimentation and can lead to entirely new visual outcomes. I hope you enjoy the work

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