A Welcome Back Party To Celebrate The Artist!!!

Posted on 15:06 07-August-2021 By Easton Art Galleries

Easton Art Gallereis will be displaying Art by the participating artist in the gallery, $15 at th...

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Unmasked Summer Event

Posted on 17:00 31-July-2021 By Easton Art Galleries

Unmasked Event

This labor day weekend we are c...

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Posted on 17:00 20-February-2021 By Easton Art Galleries

Evy Olsen Halvorsen (aka Halvorsen Holstein) was born in northern Norway and currently lives in K...

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New Artist Alert!!!

Posted on 17:00 10-February-2021 By Easton Art Galleries

We are proud to introduce 3 new artists to Easton Art Galleries!!!

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Inspirational Mandala

Posted on 17:00 13-December-2020 By Easton Art Galleries

"Inspiration" by Dru Kuhlman depicts a pink sacred geometric mandala. Kuhlman has a  lo...

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Posted on 17:00 11-December-2020 By Easton Art Galleries

"Euphorie" by Peggy Hinaekian is a unique oil painting that displays unity. It depicts 2 women th...

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Sabeeney's Leaves

Posted on 17:00 09-December-2020 By Easton Art Galleries

"4 Leaves" by Abigail sabeeney is a wonderful art that features colurful leaves.  The leaves con...

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Masterson's Stripes

Posted on 17:00 06-December-2020 By Easton Art Galleries

"Rum Gum" by Marthann Masterson is a unique piece that balances many colorful stripes together in...

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