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Dru Kuhlman

From, United States


On a personal note, Dru love puppies, jeeps and homemade chocolate chip cookies... and, before she gets too old, she'd like to visit Europe and see all the coastlines and castles! Professionally, she's an American artist and emerging brand creating designs based on fantasy and Celtic mythology, she lives and works in a quiet rural town on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado; she grew up and was educated in a rural town about an hour northwest of Indianapolis, IN. A self-taught artist, she started doodling at an early age, developed traditional art skills in high school, photography skills in the military and college, and non-traditional art and digital art skills later in life. Her photography has been published in USAF publications and Photography magazines; her art has been published on corporate collateral, and distributed on consumer products worldwide. Dru is currently represented by Lafebre Licensing, Netherlands and Easton Art Galleries, Delray Beach, FL.

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