What is Easton Art Galleries

Posted on 15:09 27-July-2016 By Lawrence Johansen

Easton Art Galleries was created to support artist and their ...

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what happens when a public figure in standing in front your art when a picture is taken.

Posted on 17:27 26-June-2016 By Laurence Johansen

When I started out in the art business, I bought and sold art by artists who were no longer alive...

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Artistic Mind think Aesthetics

Posted on 20:00 06-May-2016 By lawrencejohansen

Everyone has a level of thought that becomes important for the function of our society. It is the...

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Eastonartgalleries /blankets and art

Posted on 18:33 06-May-2016 By Lawrencejohansen

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Welcome Artist around the world

Posted on 23:13 04-May-2016 By Petrina Easton

we will be inviting all artist to visit the lates Virtual Reality VR Art gallery coming this MAY<...

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